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Third Army blasts Nazi Strongholds, 1944/11/02

Published 1944

(1) 3rd Army blasts Nazi Strongholds - "Siege of Metz - Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Patton's American 3rd Army, on the battle lines at Metz. Tanks, mortars, bazookas, 155mm. artillery - all are used in battering at this Nazi location in the famed Siegfried Line." (2) Free Greeks Hail Allied Deliverance - "Athens Is Free - A British armada steams into the port of Athens, to be joined ashore by colorful bewhiskered Greek partisans. The undamaged Acropolis signalizes the eternal will of the Greeks to return to their rightful place in a world of nations." (3) Marines Take New Palau island - "Capture of Nglsebus - Nglsebus and Peleliu, in the Pulans, are completely occupied by the U.S. Marines in fierce fighting which features their use of flame throwers and dynamite charges." (4) U.S. Envoy To France Takes Post - "U.S. Embassy Opens - U.S. Ambassador Jefferson Cuffrey opens the American Embassy in Paris, as once again we are represented in a free france." (5) Hindu Leaders Hold Confab - "Gandhi Appears - In a vain effort to adjust the differences between the Hindus and the Muslems, Gandhi makes one of his rare public appearances in a meeting with Mohammed Jinnah." (6) Rumanian Bomb Ruins - "Ruins of Ploesti - General Eaker and General Twining visit the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania to survey the damage caused by the repeated air poundings which the U.S. Army Air Force had administered. (7) First Pictures MacArthur's Return To The Philippines - "Invasion of the Philippines - With his high command, General Douglas MacArthur sets sail for Leyte Island, in the Philippines, in the largest armada to ever ply the Pacific. Terrific naval and air bombardments precede the landings of amphibious craft. G.I.'s wade ashore, then Douglas MacArthur wades ashore with Pres. Osmena. "Jap equipment lies in ruins - Filipino natives are happy in the wreckage of their fragile homes. And at the ornate Provincial Capitol Building in Tacloban, Pres. Osmena speaks to his nation. [illegible] Crotchett and Irving Smith of Universal, were among the aces who filmed this history-making event." Newsreel The End. (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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